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Click the "Search Sales" button below to view up-to-the-minute properties in Gloucester. This system is linked to the largest real estate database in the Gloucester / Cape Ann area and the listings are updated daily. There are typically around 100+ single family homes for sale listed on the system, as well as around 40 condos, and 20 multi family homes. Some of the properties are listed in foreclosure status and are bank owned. You will see on the description a note that says "Sale Subject to Bank Approval". The system will also include non distressed properties as well. If you would like us to narrow the system to foreclosures only, please leave us a note in the "Notes Section" and we can narrow the system down.

This system will also include foreclosures all around the Cape Ann area & Essex County. If you are interested in foreclosed properties in other cities you can add that to the list on the search page as well.

Our foreclosure team is on call 7 days a week from 8am-7pm to show properties. Our office is open until 11pm to answer any questions you have. We welcome you to Gloucester and look forward to meeting you soon!